Experience Power Napping with the

Gharieni Spa Wave System

The Spa. Wave System offers a complete experience of impulses from audio and vibrational frequencies to calm the body and mind and bring both into a relaxed state.

Benefits Include:

– Power napping & deep relaxation in shortest time

  • Reduction of stress & mood swings
  • Supports treatment of anxiety & panic attacks
  • Supports the Immune system
  • Increases the ability to concentrate
  • Improves sleep quality & quantity

60 mins treatment time

Price €55

Take it all in

Facilities at Parknasilla

Indoor Swimming pool – 18m pool, temperature maintained at 30c

– Outdoor hot tub Deck – two hot tubs set on the outdoor terrace, refresh your senses at the edge of the Kenmare Bay

-Fresh Seawater Hot Tub located at the pier