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Spa Thermal Suite

The Thermal Suite incorporates an eclectic mix of wet and dry, warm, hot and cold experiences, all created especially for the spa at Parknasilla by thermal specialists Hydrotherm.

Offering detoxification, purification, relaxation and general benefit to health and well-being from warm, dry and wet heat, steam, essences, light salt and herb therapy, heated relaxation loungers and experience showers.

Spa Thermal Suite Features

  • Laconium– A very gentle and pleasant form of dry heat to slowly purify and detoxify the body, 45 C and 15-20% humidity makes this is the perfect cabin in which to commence your Thermal Spa journey and detoxification.
  • Aromatherapy Steam Room – Pure aromatherapy oils gently infused through steam to aid the bronchial tract and lungs as well as softening skin and hair. 42-45 C with a humidity of 90-100%-
  •  Herb Sauna – A beautiful relaxing, dry heat treatment with the essence of freshly drying herbs for natural cleansing and detoxification. 80 C with 50-60 % humidity
  • Salt Inhalation Steam Cabin – A traditional wet steam treatment for detoxification and purification, with the added benefit of salt inhalation for respiratory wellbeing, unique light and essence aspects to offer you a truly one-off experience. 45 C with a humidity 90% -100%
  • Rain Fall Shower – Experience tropical rain falling softly, ideal for refreshing your body between heat cabins.
  • Tropical Mist Shower – Experience invigorating mist, ideal for refreshing your body between heat cabins
  • Heated Loungers – Heated between 32 and 36 C, lie, relax and enjoy the warm, radiant heat of the lounger to soothe, release tension and calm any stress in your body.
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Facilities at Parknasilla

Indoor Swimming pool – 18m pool, temperature maintained at 30c

-Seawater Vitality Pool located at the pier