Parknasilla Sustainability

Our Goals for the Future

We are conscious of our environmental impact in the environment, and the responsibility that plays in it. Parknasilla Resort and Spa, is and will still commit to protect the environment, and the beautiful nature that surrounds us, by continuously looking for ways to improve and to reduce our footprint, hand in hand with both; our amazing Parknasilla Team, and our guests.

Some of the projects and ideas in placed that we are hoping to achieve in the future are;

Air to Water

To expand our Air to water hitting system, to supply hitting for the entire resort.

Address Rhododenderon

To reduce and address our Rhododenderon across the resort; we are hoping to decrease it by certain percentage every year, with the aim of bringing more light into our walking trays and promote even more nature growth.

Promote Green Tourism

To promote a greener tourism approach between the resort, to encourage our guests to help, to get engaged and to protect the environment.

Promote Sustainable Activities

To increase and promote more sustainable and environmentally friendly activities for all guests in the resort.

Support our community

To organise and promote staff clean up days, to support our local community.

Purchase Recyling Bins for all hotel rooms

To purchase new recycling bins for all of our hotel rooms, to promote recycling between our guests and to improve our general recycling system.