We met In Gods pocket,

On a twist on the road to Sneem

Two children playing in paradise

Skipping in a childlike dream

To have landed down in the kingdom

In Parknasilla by the sea

So many summers and moons ago

Becoming part of our history.

We played amongst the Islands

Timber bridges link them in a chain

Among the groves of Myrtle

In the soft Kerry rain.

A rainbow hung above us

As I blew her my first little kiss

How precious these simple things

That when I left how much I missed.

We met again the Summer next

On a walk called Glash na Chroí

Her beauty all the more lovely

Than I harbored in my memory

We played golf in a piece of heaven

We swam, dived in off the pier

The hotel majestic as ever, with values

I thought had all but disappeared.

Tom Doyle he welcomed us warmly

Like old friends returned to roost

And Sonny said how well we looked

To give our egos a boost

Jackie he found us a table

With a view over islands and sea

And mountains and sunsets to die for

To embellish our memory.

The girl that I met down in Kerry

In the warm summers of long long ago

Is now the mother of my children

And to Parknasilla we still go

To walk and talk of the memories

And smile at our children at play

Enjoying searching for fairies

Or walking bits of the Kerry way.

Enjoying the beauty around them

The islands that pepper the sea

And the views of Beara and Tousist

And the reeks of Macgillacuddy

The beauty and magic of Derrynane

The pubs of colourful Sneem

The winding roads to Kerry

Unfolding  like a mystical  dream

That they will carry with them forever

When in city’s far away they toil

And their memory will spark such feelings

And bring to their faces a smile .

Of holidays that were so, so special

Full of adventures and friends we met on the way

So thank you for making us welcome

And making so precious our stay .

You beauty around you is ageless

The welcoming baton is passed

But the spirit you find in Parknasilla

Are memories that forever will last .

By Tim Buckley.