A Trail of Adventure Awaits

Capture Memories, Create Magic

Wanderly works its magic through a user-friendly app that brings a touch of enchantment to your resort experience. Imagine symbol cards scattered along the Wanderly trail, waiting to be discovered by eager little Wanderers. These magical cards hold the keys to a world of captivating characters and fascinating tales. As you explore our resort’s lush surroundings, little Wanderers will have the thrill of finding these symbol cards along the designated Wanderly trail. But it’s not just for the young explorers! Grown-up Wanderers can access the trail map on our website, ensuring everyone can be part of the excitement.

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Family Adventures

Discover the best of our neighbourhood by checking out our special family experiences at Parknasilla.

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    A flourishing community fairies live in our forest
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  • Fun Golf

    A fun way to learn the game
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  • Playground at Parknasilla

    Complete with Zipwire & Swings, the perfect place for fun
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  • The Hideout

    An ideal chill zone for teenagers
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  • Meet The Owls Experience

    Andy will introduce his intriguing and ever so wise owls
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