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Yoga with Karin O'Shea

Karin, a seasoned practitioner in yoga, Chi Kung, and meditation, shares a profound connection with these ancient practices. Alongside her love for sea swimming, she embraces nature’s healing power.

Formerly a Secondary School Teacher with a Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education, Karin’s passion for teaching and supporting others has been consistent. Recently, yoga has become central to her well-being.

As a Yoga Instructor, Karin is dedicated to helping others find inner peace and strength. She emphasizes yoga’s pivotal role in her own health journey and aims to guide students towards flexibility of both body and mind, fostering tranquility amidst life’s chaos.

Foster balance for body and mind

Experience the harmony of Vinyasa's flow & Yin's restoration

Trained in both Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, Karin brings a unique blend of dynamic movement and meditative tranquility to her classes. In Vinyasa, she guides a fluid sequence, fostering an energizing flow, while in Yin Yoga, she slows down for deep reflection and relaxation.

Karin’s classes harmoniously fuse the dynamism of Vinyasa with the restoration of Yin Yoga, mirroring the delicate balance essential in our fast-paced lives. A distinctive feature is the creation of a cheerful atmosphere, cultivating a positive environment.

Meditation is woven into Karin’s classes, offering moments of mindfulness. ‘Pranayama’ or breathwork enhances the connection between breath and movement.

With a holistic approach, Karin aims to nurture body, mind, and soul, fostering thriving. Her wish is for each participant to leave feeling nourished and balanced, having experienced a harmonious blend of movement, meditation, and breathwork.

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