Join Us for a Frighteningly Good Time!

Halloween at Parknasilla

Get ready for a spine-tingling experience like no other as we transform Parknasilla into a haunted haven of eerie excitement this Halloween season. Join us for an unforgettable adventure featuring a variety of thrilling activities that will send shivers down your spine and ignite your sense of mystery.

Halloween at Parknasilla

Scary Bat Walk with Dracula

Step into the realm of the undead as you embark on a spine-chilling adventure with none other than Dracula himself. Wander through the moonlit woods, where the nocturnal creatures stir. Will you encounter the mystical and mysterious bats that call Parknasilla home? Join us if you dare!

Discover the secrets of wildlife and shooting stars

Parknasilla Nocturnal Wildlife and Starwalk

Join Vincent for an exploration of the resorts wonderful nocturnal wildlife on land and under the water. hear about the resorts bats, badgers and foxes. Take a visual journey underwater to see octopus, squid, fish and weird marine creatures.
If clear skies persist, Vincent will show guests some of the northern hemisphere’s most recognisable constellations and planets. There is a chance to see shooting stars and satellites as they cross the night sky in the Kerry Dark Sky Reserve.
Free for residents

Murder Mystery Activity

For those with a taste for intrigue and suspense, we invite you to participate in our complimentary murder mystery activity. Put on your detective hat and work with fellow guests to unravel the clues, solve the puzzle, and uncover the truth behind a thrilling tale of mystery and deception.