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Parknasilla hat sich für Sothys als Premium-Marken-Spa-Partner entschieden, weil das Unternehmen weltweit für seine verwöhnenden, luxuriösen und heilenden Behandlungen bekannt ist.

Unser Wunsch ist es, dass sich jeder Gast während seines Aufenthaltes bei Sothys rundum wohlfühlt.


Bei Parknasilla

Like Parknasilla, Sothys has been steeped in its own heritage, a French family-run business since 1966. The Mas Family are the innovators and makers of all their own botanical essences and spa products.

This is reinforced with the brands unique approach of growing their own botanicals at “Les Jardins Sothys” located in the South West of France.

Nature is very much at the heart of Sothys as it is at the heart of Parknasilla, it underpins their philosophy and is their source of inspiration.

It is this coming together of Nature, Science and Wellness that makes Sothys  the natural choice for Parknasilla.

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Sothys & Parknasilla share the common vision that a flawless Treatment Experience is key to guest enjoyment & satisfaction. The Sothys team are committed to working closely with our therapists to ensure they are skilled in the delivery of the Sothys unique treatment rituals that will combine sensoriality, technique and a personalized approach to ensure that your visit to our Spa is an experience that nurtures both body and mind.