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Weekend Escape for Walking Enthusiasts

Discover the breathtaking coastline with eight marked walking trails, including the Clashnacree Trail connecting you to the renowned Kerry Way.

Your stay features two guided walks: the Seashore Discover Walk led by Marine Biologist Vincent Hyland and a historical excursion of Parknasilla and Derryquin Estates with Tim Buckley, uncovering the Resort’s centuries-old heritage.

Enjoy a two-night stay with dinner on one evening, along with guided walks on Satuday & Sunday mornings.

Where every step is a discovery, and every story leaves an indelible mark

Our Guided Walks

Discover these breathtaking surroundings with eight walking trails to explore on the Estate, with our Clashnacree trails conveniently linking up with the Kerry Way Walking Trail.  To further enhance your experience, Parknasila offers FREE of CHARGE a Guided Seashore Discovery Walk and a Guided History Walk. These walks are approximately 70 minutes long and occur three to four times midweek and daily at weekends.
Resident Marine Biologist Vincent Hyland leads the Seashore Discovery Walk.  Explore coastal habitats from dunes to underwater realms and learn to identify and capture the beauty of the coastal wildlife that thrives here.  Vincent will introduce you to the secrets of Parknasilla’s Rockpools, making it an ideal marine wildlife experience.
Our guided History Walk led by expert guide Tim Buckley is the ideal way to delve into the Resort’s rich heritage dating back to the 17th century.  Tim’s storytelling prowess transports you to a bygone era. Uncover hidden treasures and captivating stories woven into Parknasilla & Derryquin Estates’ enchanting landscapes.
Making your walking experience Fun

Murder Mystery Trail and a Mission Impossible Challenge

Discover a realm of excitement beyond the scenic walking trails at Parknasilla. Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures with our Murder Mystery and Mission Impossible activities, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your stay. Explore the beauty of nature while unraveling mysteries or becoming a secret agent on our lush estate. Elevate your Parknasilla experience with these unique, action-packed activities that promise unforgettable moments and memories in the heart of our picturesque resort.

Uncover nature's beauty in every corner of our estate

Roam our expansive 500-acre resort

Celebrities, dignitaries, and creatives alike have sought solace, creativity, and rejuvenation in this haven. Now, you have the opportunity to tread the same paths as presidents and poets, royalty and writers, actors, and artists. Embark on a journey of discovery through our 500-acre coastal paradise, intricately mapped into ten walking trails designed for you to explore. Walk in the literal footsteps of those who found inspiration and serenity in this breathtaking landscape. Your adventure begins where history, beauty, and tranquility converge – at Parknasilla!

Vor unserer Haustür

The Kerry Way Walk

Embark on a captivating journey along the Kerry Way from Sneem to Tahilla, right from our doorstep at Parknasilla. After passing Brushwood Studies, descend through a lush landscape adorned with oak, birch, and holly trees, accompanied by vibrant rhododendron blooms. Join the ‘Ring of Kerry’ Road briefly, taking in the sights and sounds of summer. Then, meander through 2½km of wooded tracks, parallel to the main road, until you reach the quaint village of Tahilla, once a bustling fishing community. Experience the allure of history and nature intertwining seamlessly on this enchanting walk, a mere step away from Parknasilla’s embrace.