With Orla Thornton

Wellness in the Wild Walks

Time and time again, the effects of time spent in nature have been proven to be profoundly positive on our wellbeing. Reconnect with the natural world by engaging in our Wellness in the Wild Walks, encompassing many different aspects of the sea, the earth, trees and the abundance of beautiful plants we have around us.

Experience your environment as it is. So often, we can be drawn away by the busyness of modern life finding the opportunity to pause can be a challenge. Embrace the opportunity to step away and de-stress your body and mind. Nurture yourself through nature by taking time to wander through the breath-taking surrounds of Parknasilla Estate. Wander through the vast vegetation and experience calm encompassing your body and mind as you connect with your surroundings. Tune in to your body, breath and simply notice the natural elements around you and feel the stress simply slip away. Our native language, Gaeilge, will be fite fuaite (intertwined) throughout to help you further connect to the land and vegetation native to the area.

With Orla Thornton

Feel the power of nature

An active, mindful walk with varying routes, our focus will be on switching off from the chaos and finding calm amidst the sea, plants, trees and sky. During the walk, there will be a pause where we will have a mindful meditation and soak up the healing power of the beautiful surroundings. Allow yourself to be held by the natural elements. Tune in to the sights, sounds and sensations of nature. By becoming acutely aware of your environment and taking he time to walk mindfully, you can help your body to really wind down and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Orla will be your Wellness in the Wild guide. She is an avid lover of the outdoors and through her work, helps people to reconnect with themselves through movement in nature. As a qualified yoga teacher, she will include elements of meditation, body awareness and breath to your experience.


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